HP Marketing Founded: 1974

Contact 2 Contact Group Founded: 1999

CEO: Steven Johnson

Areas of Expertise:

Sales & Service of Professional

Audio - Video - Lighting - Control  

Company Profile

  • ‚ÄčCrown Rep of the Year
  • Multiple JBL Rep of the Year
  • Multiple BSS Rep of the Year
  • Commercial Sound Rep of the Year
  • MI/PA Rep of the Year
  • Multiple Quota Buster Awards
    • JBL
    • Crown
    • BSS
  • Fifty other sales and marketing awards

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If you been to a concert recently, a movie, the theater, a sporting event, danced the night away at a great club, enjoyed a great meal at you favorite restaurant, travelled by train, boat, airplane, bus, car, or other modes of transportation, involved in a audio or video conference, then you have seen and heard or touched the great products by Harman, Pioneer, Konig & Meyer, Lowell Manufacturing, and Perdue Acoustics. You might be surprised as to all the solutions to the AVL market place that these lines provide and you are exposed to every day. Take a look and explore why our brands are some of the best solutions for audio, video, lighting, and control throughout the world. Click logos or pictures see all the great products!