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Chances are you've seen or heard HARMAN today!

Everyday you are exposed to the products of Harman! 

If you been to a concert recently, or a movie, the theater, a sporting event, danced the night away at a great club, enjoyed a great meal at you favorite restaurant, travelled by train, boat, airplane, bus, car, or any mode of transportation,  involved in a audio or video conference, then you have seen and heard Harman today. You might be surprised as to all the Harman you are exposed to each day. Take a look and explore why Harman is a the solution for audio, video, lighting, and control throughout the world.

HP Marketing Company


Manufacturer's Representatives

Professional Audio-Acoustics-Video-Lighting-Control Products

A Contact 2 Contact Group Company

  • Crown Rep of the Year
  • Multiple JBL Rep of the Year
  • Multiple BSS Rep of the Year
  • Commercial Sound Rep of the Year
  • MI/PA Rep of the Year
  • Multiple Quota Buster Awards
    • JBL
    • Crown
    • BSS
  • Fifty other sales and marketing awards

Company Profile



HP Marketing Founded: 1974

Contact 2 Contact Group Founded: 1999

CEO: Steven Johnson

Areas of Expertise:

Sales & Service of Professional

Audio - Video - Lighting - Control - Staging