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Tracie Sullivan -

Sales Support Administrator

We are a team of passionate people who deliver excellence to our contracted vendors, dealers, and end-users in the Audio-Acoustic-Video-Lighting-Control-Staging market place in the Rocky Mountain Territory. Collectively we represent 150 years of sales and sales service in our varied disciplines.

What Time Says About Us?

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Andy Connors CTS -

VP Sales and Area Sales Manager of AZ, NM, and El Paso, Texas.

Don Gattoni-

Area Sales Manager of CO and Eastern WY.


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"Since 1974 HP Marketing has won over 80 marketing and sales awards. We still do business with companies we represented in 1974 and with customers and customers sons and daughters since 1974. Trust and performance is the only way you maintain relationships like this for 42 years. Markets do change and we change with them but our core business  has lasted the test of time.


Steven D Johnson

CEO HP Marketing Company

March 2017

Samsung completes acquisition of Harman. Click photo above for full story

Robyn Steele -

Sales Support Administrator

Our Team

Solving Problems

Whether you are a manufacturer trying to solve the problem of increasing sales or improving service in the Rocky Mountain territory, a dealer or an end-user looking for the right products to solve an Audio, Acoustic, Video, Lighting, Staging-Decking, or Control problem you have found the right team.

The HP Marketing Team Can help you. Call us at 303-804-9566

Michael DeJean-

Area Sales Manager of UT, ID, and Western WY


May 2017

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  • Sales & Marketing in the Professional Audio - Video - Lighting- Acoustics - Control Market
  • Building long lasting business relationships
  • Design assistance
  • Training - Solutions - Support - Account Management

HP Marketing has delivered leading edge products and sales for over forty years in the Rocky Mountain Territory.

We sell and manage solutions in  audio,  lighting,  video,  acoustics, control and more.